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The help of a daughter at home is  considered precious in Indian Culture. She participates in household chores and takes care of the little ones. If she can bring back a small salary, this is sometimes welcome too.


Parents aspire to marry their daughters soon. As this girl is underprivileged and uneducated she is married to a man from another underprivileged family. This makes her completely dependent on her in-laws. She is more likely to become a mother too early, to be exploited, to suffer violence and transmit poverty to their children.

Note that if the number of uneducated girls in India constituted a country, it would be the 10th biggest country in the world.

In the fight against poverty, quality education will allow these girls to have access to the labor market and alleviate underprivileged households by breaking the cycle.

The Problem

With more than 5 million inhabitants, Pune is the economic capital of India.


The social disparities are huge, and the veneer of modernity has not yet touched all sections of society.

India is both one of the countries where the rate of growth is the highest in the world and where the number of unprivileged people is greatest. This paradox is explained by the very unequal character of a trajectory in the form of growth without development.

School is compulsory for all children from ages six to fourteen, but there is a big gap between the will enshrined in the law and the reality of the situation. If there are girls and boys in a family, the parents will prefer to educate the boy.

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The Solution

The Solution

Working Woman

There will still be an affordable fee structure for the students so the situation is taken seriously and the structure is sustainable for their mindsets to make them aware of the harsh reality that nothing in life is free.


On performing very well in the academics the students will receive gifts or a sponsored year of education in the form of scholarships. This will motivate and encourage them to perform well.


When these girls go to university 50% of the admission fees will be taken care of by the project.


After school hours, the classes will be occupied for sewing training to women. After completing the course they will be provided with raw material to create finished goods. Later these products will be sold by us and the profit will be their earnings. This will make them independent and give them the dignity of earning sustainable life.

1 franc a day can put a smile on these faces and also provide them with the tool of Education.


By supporting this project with the idea of 30 francs a month we want to make a huge impact on the lives of these kids. 30 francs a month will also allow more people to be a part of this project.

With 1 franc a day, from a number of individuals we will appoint teachers, rent classroom, and create a healthy educational structure for the girls.

School and Women Training Centre


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Your donations are defiscalized.


  • Diamond Donor

365 francs per year - one franc per day


  • Gold Donor

120 francs per year - ten francs per month


  • Silver Donor

40 francs per year - one franc per schoolgirl


  • Patron

We appreciate any donations - small or big.

  • Visionary

We look forward to your ideas and participation in our cause.


Thank you for your generosity, your support is very precious to us!

Holding Hands
  • 40CHF
    Every year
  • 120CHF
    Every year
  • 365CHF
    Every year
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